ArtCall® is a web-based system, developed and managed by Lisa Ellis, for exhibitors looking for an easy-to-use entry and jurying process. 

Do not confuse ArtCall® with, a different company with a different product that requires you the exhibitor to do your own setup. Our ArtCall is a 100% customized service where we do all the computer work for you so you can do what you do best - manage your art organization.

ArtCall® is a customized, web-based service that gives artists the ability to enter juried shows completely on-line. Artist contact information, artwork descriptions and digital photos are uploaded directly by the artist into the exhibit database by filling out simple web-based forms. The system can also accommodate registration payment via PayPal or third party shopping cart.

Exhibit organizers can then access all the artist and artwork data directly via the web-based database. Administrators can edit the artist and artwork data as needed. Artist data can be exported directly from the system to prepare letters of acceptance and rejection.

ArtCall also provides an on-line system for jurying the entered artwork. Jurors, from any location can view the artwork photos, read the artist statements, make private comments, and then vote. The system provides a private set of ballots for each juror for each piece. Administrators can see the final tally and the number of votes cast for each work.

ArtCall is different from other call for entries systems. Our team sets up your call and you receive your own private website, designed to look like your own art organization branding.

We do all the work so you can do what you do best - manage your art organization.


Artists no longer need to mail-in entries or burn CDs. This saves time for the artist and also the cost of postage and elapsed time to mail. The show administrators now have all of the artist contact information and all artwork data already put into a database. So there is no data entry after receiving the registrations.

For jurying, there is no need to consolidate all the photos from various CDs and set-up a venue for the jurors to review the photos. The high-resolution photos and artist statements are already directly available on-line in the system. This saves manpower for show administrators and travel costs for jurors.


Our pricing includes a high degree of customization. The web prospectus and forms will have the look and feel of your own website branding and will have the fields you need.

Domain name




Technical Support for Artists


Prospectus Page including Your Logo and Website colors/fonts


Customized Forms for Your Exhibit





$30 / month +

Exhibit Minimum